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Call Us: (800)261-4193

Heart Pine Flooring

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This flooring is cut from long leaf heart pine beams and 2 xs salvaged out of pre 1900 buildings located mostly in New Orleans but also from other areas in the south and on the east coast. Antique heart pine’s color is a beautiful deep red with some occasional yellow streaks. The grain is generally tight and relatively hard. The surface of the heart pine contains nail holes, various size knots and small age cracks that give it the character that makes it so appealing and beautiful. We run the traditional tongue and groove flooring, but our specialty is wide plank “dirty top”. Dirty top is a term used to describe how the floor is finished. This floor is installed with the original rough, dirty side up and then lightly sanded so that some of the saw marks remain. When a clear finish is applied, the color of the wood from years of aging is amazing. In the photos of the wide plank flooring, none of those floors are stained. They all have just a clear finish.