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TWP Weather Proofing

TWP is a unique combination of chemicals that preserves and enhances the natural warmth, beauty and integrity of new and old wood.

All TWP products penetrate deeply into the wood without excessive surface film build, highlighting existing grain patterns with amazing clarity and warmth.

TWP is specifically designed to provide protection against the four major causes of wood degradation; wood rot, water, sunlight and mildew.

TWP reduces water absorbtion, the major cause of wood cracking and veneer siding delamination.

TWP stops wood rot that destroys wood internally and causes structural failure that may require wood replacement.

TWP has a life expectancy of three to five years (on vertical substrates) with proper preparation of substrate, proper application and two coats. Life expectancy is longer on two-year-old wood.

TWP is available in a V.O.C. compliant form which meets current California Solvent Emission Regulations.

TWP is extremely lightfast, containing ultraviolet light absorbers maintaining the original color, while surface mildewcides eliminate premature unsightly gray and black discoloration. Accelerated and natural weathering tests show superior performance compared to conventional clear and semi-transparent wood finishes. Many stains on the market are surface-oriented and subject to peeling, blistering and chipping. TWP will not crack, peel or blister.


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